Sunday, June 3, 2012

Virtual Book Tour: McNair Mysteries


Thank you for your interest, but this tour is now full. Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a virtual book tour for two romantic mysteries by Don McNair that were released in April: Mystery at Magnolia Mansion and Mystery at Firefly Knob. The author is available for guest blogs and interviews, and both books are available for review upon request.

Don will giving away reader's choice of a copy of one of his books on to one randomly chosen commenter.

Brenda Maxwell’s new interior design client tells her to “paint, wallpaper, whatever” his hundred-year-old landmark mansion, “but for God’s sake, don’t go overboard.” When she figures her grandiose plans will fit handily into his edict’s “whatever” section, they’re launched into a constant head-bumping mode.

Brenda’s poor money management skills (that’s his view, but what does he know?) and lawyer David Hasbrough’s ridiculous need to control her life (that’s her well-reasoned evaluation of the situation) combine to keep the battle going. Is this couple’s romantic goose cooked? Well, she can’t be near him without sparks flying and goose bumps popping out everywhere. But that mansion has to be done right!

NOTE: Don McNair actually lived in this house, and did the very things to it that he has heroine Brenda Maxwell do.

When Erica Phillips visits choice inherited property on a Cumberland Plateau knob overlooking a beautiful valley, she finds scientist Mike Callahan camped there to study unique fireflies. She needs to sell it fast to buy a new building for her antiques business, but he freaks out when a condo builder offers her a contract. Miffed, she tells him, “If I have my way, this place will be sold within the week. And, Mr. Callahan, I will have my way!”

Their budding romance plays out before a background of a murder mystery, distrust, and heart-racing hormones. Will it blossom into a lifetime relationship?
Available Dates:

8/6/2012 Hope. Dreams. Life... Love
8/7/2012 Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews
8/8/2012 Cathie Dunn Writes...
8/9/2012 Rachel Brimble Romance
8/10/2012 Creating Comfort
8/13/2012 Writers and Authors
8/14/2012 Queen of All She Reads
8/15/2012 LASR Mystery Blog
8/16/2012 Lynnette Labelle
8/17/2012 Welcome to My World of Dreams
8/20/2012 Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer
8/21/2012 Rogues Angels
8/22/2012 MK McClintock Blog
8/23/2012 The Book Connoisseur
8/24/2012 REVIEW ONLY Reviews by Molly

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