Monday, June 11, 2012

Virtual Book Review Tour: Quest Inc by Justin Cohen

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Review Only Tour for Justin Cohen's debut novel Quest Inc., a fictional thriller that asks the question - can you buy a new life? Justin is uniquely qualified to write this book as he is an international speaker, coach, and author of four books and seven audiobooks. With his psychology and drama degrees, and background in film and television, his expertise lies not just in crafting life-changing personal development messages, but ensuring that they are fueled with the power of great stories. A PDF is available for review. Just email us at goddessfish(at)gmail(dot)com.

The World’s #1 Personal Development Agency . . . has to prove it.

What if you brought together five top personal development experts—equipped with virtually everything we know about human potential—and gave them some lives to change? Could they really coach anyone to lose fifty pounds, fix a broken relationship, or get rich? What would they do for a homeless person, or a pro-golfer trailing at the back of her league? How about taking the racism out of a racist, or turning a hellish employee into a ray of sunshine?

Welcome to Quest, Inc. They say they can change your life. Now, as they’re followed by an investigative journalist from one of the world’s leading news publications, they have to prove it—or be damned as charlatans.

Based on real life peak performance and transformational strategies, you’ll see the highs and lows everyone faces on the road to self-realization—especially the experts. Get ready for breakthrough ... or breakdown.

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"A thrilling read ... be totally engaged, while learning life's glorious lessons."
Scott Friedman, Past President, Professional Speakers Association (USA)

"This will most certainly be a guide for millions who have suffered within the get rich, get right, get perfect, get healthy in two minutes by clicking your heels madness, of the self-help world of craziness. The storytelling and prose are exquisite, while the embedding of psychological research adds tremendous weight. Quest, Inc. has opened my eyes to how we sustain the reality of transformation. It’s very powerful and serious; it is also fun, and funny, laugh out loud funny. A magnificent piece of work that will free and help so many people."
Dr. Toni Luck, Transformational Specialist

"I was captivated. I started reading the book Friday evening and, despite a busy weekend, I finished it on Sunday! If I had to summarize it in one word -- fantasticamazingbrilliant! I will be buying this book as a gift to give to my staff, friends and family."
Paul Kempff, MD, FFG Risk Solutions

"Besides having over a decade of experience as a human potential practitioner, Justin Cohen knows how to weave his deep insight into a powerful and inspiring story. He skillfully reveals the truth about personal transformation: it’s a rocky quest—for everyone, including the experts. This is a compelling read and once you’re hooked, almost impossible to put down."
Paul du Toit, Past President, Professional Speaker’s Association, (RSA)

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Justin will be giving away the winner's choice of a download from his Life Coach Audio Book Series to one randomly drawn commenter.