Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Virtual Book Tour: Come Undone

Randomly Drawn Commenter: Pamela James who commented on The Blisse Blog.
Tour host with the most comments: Kissa Starling

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Tour for Kendall Grace's Come Undone, a contemporary erotic romance.
My sister became dependent on painkillers after a skiing accident left her leg broken in three places. I didn’t understand and, yes, I judged her. After all, we were talking about her will. No one was forcing those pills down her throat. It seemed very cut-and-dried to me back then. But I know differently now.

The first time Chase touched her, Jane finally understood addiction…understood the aching need, the keen want for more…more of his hands…his mouth…his tongue. His complete mastery over her body. She knew the suffocation of crushing anxiety as she waited for her next hit, the flash of terrific pain when it didn’t come.

Chase seems unwilling to give Jane what she needs; what she ultimately craves above all else. But addicts can’t think beyond the fix. They’ll resort to desperate measures to feed their need…even if they lose themselves in the process. Even if they come undone…
Kendall is available for interviews and guest blogs. She will be giving away a $20 Amazon gift certificate to the tour host with the most comments as well as a $10 Amazon gift certificate to one randomly chosen commenter.

Want to host Kendall on your blog? Leave us a comment with your email address and we'll get back to you.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Virtual Book Tour: What Choices We Made by Sandy Lender

Randomly drawn commenter: Mary Rickson commenting on Hywela Lyn's blog.

Goddess Fish Promotions is pleased to announce the upcoming Virtual Book Tour for What Choices We Made: Short Stories from the History of Onweald, Volume II,

Welcome to a world of dragons, magic, sword and sorcery.

Dive into the legends that make up the history of the Choices series from established fantasy author Sandy Lender. Both new and familiar characters will enchant you. From families in peril to youth in scrapes, the men and monsters who shaped Onweald politics left epic tales in their wake for you.

As a special treat for Choices readers, this volume includes the love story of Ella and Rohne. She’s a general’s daughter with modern ideas about growing old at her father’s side. He’s a moody old god who’s used to getting His way. When they clash, she elects to run away with one of His guards. Catching the fugitives would be easier if the evil Julette’s minions weren’t crashing the party with her poisonous plans.

A stand-alone novella that newcomers to the series can enjoy, "The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne" offers suspense, horror, action, fantasy, and a sweet romance when an opinionated young lady faces her future—and a feisty god.

Sandy Lender is available for interviews and guest blogs. She will be giving away, to one lucky commenter, an autographed copy of What Choices We Made, Vol. 1.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Virtual Book Tour: Problems on Eldora Prime by Sandy Lender

Randomly drawn winner: GMR, who commented on The Bookish Type. Congratulations!

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a virtual book tour for Sandy Lender's latest release, "Problems on Eldora Prime", a Young Adult fantasy.

Problems Mount! When 17-year-old pilot Khiry Okerson crashes on Eldora Prime, alarms still ring in her ears. She might have solved one problem, but she courts more danger than she realizes when she liberates some unexpected hostages on a foreign planet. Will the dragons she releases become her allies? It’s more likely they’ll join the inhabitants of this unforgiving world to hunt terraformers and the Instigator’s dwindling crew.

Khiry must find a way off this rock and into the United Society for Peace and Strength’s good graces. She’s got a capable marksman on her team in the handsome and renown Kor, but Khiry still wonders how her people can escape with a captain’s treason on her hands and a political leader’s sister in her care—care she can’t guarantee.

Sandy is available for interviews. She also has some prewritten blog spots available for publication.

She will also be giving away a magnets to several randomly drawn commenters and a dragon ornament to one randomly drawn commenter.

Interested in hosting Sandy on your blog? Leave a comment and let us know.

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