Sunday, September 14, 2014


Thank you for your interest, but this tour is now full.

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Tour for Shadows of Ghosts by Stefan Haucke, a Fantasy YA book available now.

The tour will run October 13, 2014 to November 7, 2014. Prewritten guest blogs and interviews, along with promo posts, and reviews are available. Please specify which type of stop you’d like when you ask to host this tour. The book is available in PDF format for review.

Prizes for the tour are as follows:
• One randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card. Congratulations to Filia O.
• One randomly chosen host will receive a $25 Amazon/ gift card. The Write to Read

Shadows of Ghosts carries readers to Enara, a kingdom at war with itself, where for centuries centaurs have been treated like animals because of their horse-like lower bodies; they've been forced to work as slaves in the southern agricultural provinces, and have been bought and sold like livestock. But a strong abolitionist faction has convinced many that centaurs' human torsos, heads, and intellectual abilities make them humans, who should be liberated from slavery and granted the same rights as any other person.

After four years of being forced to live in a remote village and having to keep his real identity a secret, Cal Lanshire, days away from his thirteenth birthday, is given the best birthday present he can imagine. He is told the war is almost over and he will soon be allowed to return home.

But then an old acquaintance unexpectedly arrives with news that changes everything. Cal's father, the king, has been assassinated.

Suddenly the outcome of the war and the very fate of the kingdom depend upon Cal being able to reach the capital where he will take his father's place.

With only his crafty best friend by his side and an escaped centaur slave to guide him, can Cal make it through an enchanted, hostile wilderness, past the assassins sent to kill him, and back to the capital before it's too late?

October 13: Indie Authors
October 13: Ari Reads
October 14: Coffee Books and Art
October 15: Deal Sharing Aunt
October 15: The Indubitable Tattler
October 16: Unabridged Andra's
October 17: Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews
October 17: MAD Hoydenish
October 20: Angela Myron
October 21: Our Wolves Den
October 21: The Write to Read
October 22: Hope. Dreams. Life... Love
October 23: Straight from the Library
October 23: RhiReading
October 24: The A P Book Club
October 27: Bunny's Review
October 27: Linda Nightingale...Wordsmith
October 28: Books in the Hall
October 29: Room With Books
October 29: Lockdown - A Bunch of Brilliant Projects
October 30: Sapphyria's Book Reviews
October 31: Welcome to My World of Dreams
October 31: 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, and Sissy, Too!
November 3: Long and Short Reviews
November 4: Brenda Maxfield's Blog
November 4: White Sky Project
November 5: Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock
November 6: Sexy Adventures Passionate Tales
November 6: Book Enthralled
November 7: Writer Wonderland
November 7: Rayna Noire


Andra Lyn said...

Unabridged Andra's can do any day! Guest Post of the author's choice.

Unknown said...

October 13

Anonymous said...

Indie Authors is available for a guest post any day you need it.

Unknown said...

Ari Reads can host

Oct 13

Angela Shelley said...

Angela Myron can host any date.

morgan said...

Writer Wonderland
November 7

Frances C said...

The Indubitable Tattler can do a promo post on October 15th.

Tallulah A. Scribbles said...

Prewritten guest blog post

October 17

MAD Hoydenish

madhoydenish [at] gmail [dot] com

Unknown said...

Our Wolves Den {Interview} any day needed

Anonymous said...

I can host on The Write to Read Oct. 21 an interview

Anonymous said...

Promo any date (none will be top post)
Sapphyria's Book Reviews

WastedX said...

November 6th

Unknown said...

I can do a promo post, Nov. 4th. :-)

Unknown said...

Ooop! Let me try again, under my real name!! Ha! I can do a promo post on Nov. 4th.

3 Partners in Shopping said...

promo post any date you need. 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!

Unknown said...

A Book Addict's Delight can host any date you need.

Leah said...

Can I still join this tour? I can post any date needed.

Christine Young said...

Rogues Angels can host this on November 4