Sunday, November 17, 2013


Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Blurb Blitz Tour for White Christmas by Susan Edwards, a Native American/Western Historical Romance book available December 10. **Edited to reflect correct release date.* The tour will run December 9 - 20, 2013, and this tour will not include interviews or guest blogs; however, a blurb, excerpt and author bio will be provided to every host for inclusion on their blog. Additionally, a PDF copy of this story is available for review in conjunction with a promo post.

Susan will be awarding a prize package of a T shirt and 4 free ebooks: White Dawn, White Dusk, White Wind, White Dove to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. (US ONLY) Congratulations to Cindy M.H.

At age six Beth Ann lost her parents in a vicious Crow attack. She was taken captive then rescued by the Sioux who give her a choice: return to her grandfather or stay with her new adoptive family. Beth Ann chooses to stay.

Bodil is a struggling rancher about to lose his land. A corrupt banker and railroad agents want his land and neither are above using sabotage in their efforts to drive him out. His godfather steps in and pays off the bank. The catch? He must marry his godfather’s granddaughter who was raised by the Sioux. Bo agrees to travel to the Dakota Territory to see if the girl found is Beth Ann.

A White Reunion is about to take place. Beth Ann is eager to see all her adoptive relatives. Then her grandfather shows up. This is one reunion she doesn’t want anything to do with. He’d driven her parents out of his home and onto the trail West. She blames him for their deaths.

Bo is a different matter. She’d once adored the son of their neighbor. During her dark days of captivity, she’d woven many fantasies about how he’d rescue her. Bo was everything a young romantic woman needed and wanted. Too bad she no longer needs or wants to be rescued.

Bo can’t believe Beth Ann is alive. Or that the skinny, gangly girl of six has grown into a beautiful, strong woman. Suddenly, marriage doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Too bad Beth Ann has refused to return to the White man’s world and there is nothing in her world for him. His life is ranching. He has two months to convince her that home is where the heart is and that he is her heart.

But forces gather against them. The brother of Beth Ann’s dead husband has laid claim to her and someone is trying to kill Bo. Can Beth Ann and Bo overcome the threats to their lives and find in each other a love that transcends time, distance and culture?

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