Sunday, April 14, 2013


Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Tour for HIDDEN by M. Lathan, a YA Fantasy available now. The tour will run June 3-28; prewritten interviews and guest blogs, promo posts, and reviews (see below regarding reviews) are available. Please specify which type of stop you’d like when you ask to host this tour.  PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE 3-4 STOPS PER DATE.

Prizes for the tour are as follows:
 • One randomly chosen commenter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card.  CONGRATULATIONS TO KATHY POWERS 
 • One randomly chosen host will receive a $25 Amazon/ gift card. CONGRATULATIONS TO Harlie's Books
 • One randomly chosen reviewer host will receive a $50 Amazon/ gift card. * CONGRATULATION TO Dana's YA Bookpile

 * Hosts who choose to review must opt to “take a chance” and purchase a copy of the book. When you do, you’ll be entered into a special drawing for a $50 Amazon or BN GC (only reviewer hosts are eligible for this prize).

Sixteen-year-old Leah Grant has given up on being normal. She’d settle for stopping the voices in her head, intrusive visions of the future, and better odds of making it to her seventeenth birthday.

That’s the thing about pretending to be human in a world where magic used to exist – at any moment, her cover could be blown and she’ll be burned to death like the rest of the witches.

Everything changes when she loses control of her powers and flees the orphanage she grew up in. She desperately wants to be invisible but finds her face plastered on every news channel as humans panic over the possible resurgence of her kind. And now the hunters won’t give up until they find her.

Making friends for the first time in her life and falling in love with one of them drives her to discover why she is unlike any being she’s ever met – human or otherwise. The dangerous powers inside of her that would repel Nathan, her new, handsome reason for living, are priceless to some. The locked up forever kind of priceless. And to others, they are toodangerous to allow her to live.

Let’s hope she can stay hidden.

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