Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Virtual Review Tour: Desert Flower Desert Rice by Angela Scott

Congratulations to Catherine Lee, the winner for commenting and to Twinsie Talk book Review, the host winner.

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual REVIEW ONLY Tour for Desert Flower and Desert Rice by Angela Scott, a Upper YA - 16+ and Women's Fiction Cross-over available now from Evolved Publishing. The tour will run March 18 - 29, 2013 and the books are available in Mobi or EPUB format. NOTE: You may choose either one or both books for the review tour.
Angela will award one commenter at every stop a Mobi or ePub copy of WANTED: Dead or Undead or Survivor Roundup from her backlist, and one randomly drawn commenter on the tour will receive a $15 gift card to Amazon. Also, a $15 Amazon gift card will be awarded to a randomly drawn host.

Bodies have a canny way of finding Samantha Jean Haggert—the first, the dead body of her mama; the second, a naked man in the middle of the Arizona desert. For Sam, dealing with one dead body in her lifetime is more than unfair. Two is downright cruel.

Seven years after running from West Virginia, Sam's now a young woman of nineteen, trying to put the pieces of her life together with the help of her family—Jacob, Boone, and Laura. But the naked man in the desert spirals her world out of control, resurrecting past hurts and revealing old secrets. It also pits against one another the two men who vie for her heart: Carson, her friend, her first kiss, and the one man who knows everything about her past and loves her despite it; and Turner, the stranger who knows nothing, but who excites and frustrates her all at once.

When bad choices made as a child lead to more bad choices as a young adult, Sam finds herself at a crossroads, forced to face her demons head-on if she plans to have any future at all—with Carson, with Turner, or with anyone. But fixing the wrongs of the past takes time, and learning to forgive one's self is damn near impossible.

Visit old friends in this harrowing sequel to Desert Rice, in which award-winning author Angela Scott brings back the characters so many readers have loved.

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