Thursday, November 29, 2012

Virtual tour: Wisteria series by Bisi Leyton

Congratulations to Andra L., winner of the GC for commenting.

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Tour and a Virtual Review Only Tour for Wisteria and Myopia (books 1 & 2 in the Wisteria series) by Bisi Leyton, a dystopian Young Adult Fantasy available now from Soul Mate Publishing. The tour will run February 4 - March 1, 2013, and the stops are separated as indicated below.  NOTE:  You may choose either one or both books for the review tour.

The review tour will not include interviews or guest blogs; however, a blurb, excerpt and author bio will be provided to every host for inclusion on their blog along with a PDF copy of the story or stories they choose to review.

The Virtual Book Tour will include interviews and guest posts.

Bisi will award a $15 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

Sixteen year old Wisteria Kuti has two options—track the infected around the Isle of Smythe or leave the only known safe haven and face a world infested with flesh eating biters. But even with well-armed trackers, things go wrong and Wisteria ends up alone facing certain death, until she is rescued by the mysterious Bach. Uninfected, Bach is able to survive among the hordes of living dead.

Eighteen year old Bach, from a race known as The Family, has no interest in human affairs. He was sent here to complete his Great Walk and return home as a man—as a Sen Son. The Family regard humans as Dirt People, but Bach is drawn to this Terran girl, whom he has never seen before, but somehow knows.

Hunted by flesh eaters, cannibals, and the mysterious blood thirsty group called Red Phoenix, Wisteria and Bach make their way back to the Isle of Smythe, a community built on secrets and lies.

Sixteen-year-old Wisteria has embraced her deep bond with eighteen-year-old Bach, a member of a supernatural race called the Family, despite the risk of his family finding out. Should Bach’s people discover his bond with a human, Wisteria will be guaranteed a painful and bloody death—but somehow, being together is more important.

Their bond is tested when empirics, an elite group of Family investigators, are sent to the Isle of Smythe under the orders of Bach’s father to find artifacts stolen by the humans. They’re to find the artifacts at any cost. Among the empirics is Bach’s old friend, the stunning Alba, who has learned about Bach and Wisteria’s secret relationship, and surprisingly accepts this. With no one else in the Family to turn to, she becomes Bach’s ally and confidant, but possibly more.

As the empirics start to take over the town, Wisteria is torn between trusting Bach and the safety of the humans on Smythe. She soon realizes that she and Bach are on opposite sides of the war between the Family and Humans, and there is no middle ground. One of them must choose a side.

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