Sunday, August 26, 2012

Virtual Book Blast: Whisper Of A Witch by Suza Kates

Congratulations to our winners:

Host Prize Winner - Bodice Ripper Novels
Commentator Gift Pack Winner - Chrysrawr

Amazon Gift Card Winners
Hesperia Loves Books -BN100
Welcome to My World of Dreams -Ingeborg
Bodice Ripper Novels -Jean MP
Donna's Blog Home -Vidya ravi
On the Broomstick -Petoskystone

Book Flat/ Pen Pack Winners
1. Books and Other Spells –Shannon Ro
2. Hesperia Loves Books - PC
3. It's Raining Books -Frankie Blooding
4. Welcome to My World of Dreams -Chrysrawr
5. My Odd Little World -Maria D
6. SnifferWalk -Vidya Ravi
7. Blooding Book Reviews - BN100
8. Dawn's Reading Nook - No post so no commenters to choose from
9. The Bunny's Review -Christine D.
10. Bodice Ripper Novels -Terri Russell
11. The Book Connoisseur -BN100
12. DanaSquare -Amber Nicole
13. Donna's Blog Home- Vidya Ravi
14. On the Broomstick -Ann Q
15. My Reading Obsession -Chrysrawr
16. The Masquerade Crew -BN100
17. Lori Toland -Chrysrawr
18. Wake Up Your Wild Side -DCB
19. Louisa Bacio -- Love Knows No Bounds -BN100
20. Sandra's Blog -Chrisrawr
21. Beyond Romance -Debby
22. Author Raine Delight -PC
23. Two Fantasy Floozies -Katy S.
24. Novel Natterings -Chrysrawr
25. Jinni James -Vidya Ravi
26. Sexy Lady -BN100
27. Momof2BookReviews -Patricia Crews
28. My paranormal book review -White Poppy
29. Hope. Dreams. Life... Love -Vidya Ravi
30. Desiree Holt Tells All -BN100
31. Tamaria Soana - BN100
32. Books Are Magic -BLH Mistress
33. Andi's Book Reviews -Chrysrawr
Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a 50-Stop Book Blurb Blitz Tour for Whisper of a Witch by Suza Kates, a paranormal romance currently available from Icasm Books. The Book Blast Tour will take place on October 9, 2012 and is limited to the first 50 people who sign up. This tour will not include interviews or guest blogs; however, a blurb, excerpt and author bio will be provided to every host for inclusion on their blog.

Suza will award signed cover flats and pens to a commenter at every stop, a total of five $15 Amazon/BN GCs to randomly drawn commenters during this tour and her Name Before the Masses tour, and gift basket to one commentator from both this tour and her Name Before the Masses tour, as well as a randomly drawn host prize TBA.

Biologist Shauni Miller, a beautiful as she is compassionate, harbors a secret that could alter her life forever. If she chooses to share it. Dr. Michael Black helps Shauni in her time of need, but sees more in the raven-haired temptress than she ever meant to reveal. He knows she’s hiding something, but then, so is he. Both Shauni and Michael have a role to play and decisions to make as a centuries-old prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Only the fates know if they are meant to be together. Or if one of them has to die.

1.  Books and Other Spells
2.  Hesperia Loves Books
3.  It's Raining Books
4.  Welcome to My World of Dreams
5.  My Odd Little World
6.  SnifferWalk
7.  Blooding Book Reviews
8.  Dawn's Reading Nook
9.  The Bunny's Review
10.  Bodice Ripper Novels
11. The Book Connoisseur
12.  DanaSquare
13.  Donna's Blog Home
14.  On the Broomstick
15.  My Reading Obsession
16.  The Masquerade Crew
17.  Lori Toland   
18.  Wake Up Your Wild Side
19.  Louisa Bacio -- Love Knows No Bounds
20.  Sandra's Blog
21.  Beyond Romance
22.  Author Raine Delight
23.  Two Fantasy Floozies
24.  Novel Natterings
25.  Jinni James
26. Sexy Lady
27.  Momof2BookReviews
28. My paranormal book review
29. Hope. Dreams. Life... Love
30. Desiree Holt Tells All
31. Tamaria Soana
32.  Books Are Magic
33. Andi's Book Reviews 


Alyssa (Hesperia Loves Books) said...

Please sign me up for this Virtual Book Blast. I'd love to participate.

Alisia said...

I would love to host this!
Books & Other Spells

Unknown said...

This sounds wonderful! Please add me to the tour stops. Thanks!

Love 'n Books,

Alyson @ SnifferWalk

Anonymous said...

I would like to volunteer for this one. Thank you!

KyBunnies said...

You know I am happy to help. I can post to either or each blog. Just let me know.


Suzie & bunnies

Tamaria Soana said...

I can do an interview!

Unknown said...

Please sign me up for this!

Unknown said...

Count me in.

Andi said...

I am happy to participate at