Sunday, July 15, 2012

NBtM Tour: Marni L.B. Troop

Thank you for your interest, but this tour is now full.

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Name Before the Masses tour for Marni L.B. Troop and her debut fantasy Tir Na n'Og, The Heart of Ireland Vol. 1. Marni will be available for guest blogs or interviews on Mondays from September 17 to October 15. She will be giving away a copy of Brian Froud's and John Matthew's How to See Faeries. Marni said, "Brian Froud's artwork is one of my inspirations, so it's very appropriate. Plus, it's a cool book!"

Casey is a Faerie, but not in the way you might think. She’s not a little creature with wings or magic dust. If not for her tall, pointed ears, this regal princess could be mistaken for a human. She is gifted among her people in that she can see into anyone’s thoughts. She can remember every detail of every event that has occurred among the Faeries since her birth.

In "Journal One," Casey watches as the Faerie kings slaughter Ith, a stranger from across the sea and man of peace who believes the Faeries to be the gods of his people, the Iberians. Little do the kings know that when you kill an innocent, humans seek vengeance. Ith’s people come in great numbers to slaughter their “gods” and take Ireland as their new home. Caught in the middle, Casey tries to find a way to bring peace to the two peoples so they can live on the Island together. After things do not go as she plans, the humans prove victorious. At the moment the Faeries surrender the Island, she and her people are transformed into the magical creatures that inspire legend, and Ireland is changed forever.

You would think this to be enough drama for a young Faerie princess, but in the midst of it all she meets her one true love, an Iberian named Amergin. At the moment when all seems perfect between them, they are separated in the worst way possible – dangled right in front of each other but forever just out of reach.

Casey knows that the fate of her people and her love are inextricably linked. For the moment, all she can do is observe… and record everything she can. She has become the Chronicler: the one true historian of her entire race.


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