Friday, March 2, 2012

Virtual Book Tour: Fezariu's Epiphany by David Brown

Thank you for your interest, but this tour is now full.
Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Tour for David Brown and his fantasy novel, Fezariu's Epiphany. David is available for interviews or guest posts and copies of the book are available for review in either ePub or PDF formats, upon request.

David will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one randomly chosen commenter at the end of the tour.

12-year-old Fezariu thought his mother died when he was little, but when his beloved stepfather dies the boy discovers she is alive and well - and working at the most famous brothel in all of Elenchera. When she cruelly rejects him it's more than he can bear, and he runs away to join a band of ruthless soldiers for hire. The Merelax Mercenaries will fight for anyone who can pay them, no matter the justice of the cause.

Fezariu grows up among the soldiers and becomes one of them. He thinks his time with the mercenaries has hardened him. But a campaign in his old home town pushes him too far, and he discovers what really happened to his mother. Maybe there are some things money shouldn't buy... and maybe it's time Fezariu took his revenge.

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