Friday, November 4, 2011

Virtual Book Tour: Heart of Flame by Janine Ashbless

Congratulations to Tracey D. who won a copy of "The King's Viper" for her comment at Basia's Bookshelf.

Congratulations to Carrie Ann Ryan's Blog and Novel Reflections who tied for the the host with the most comments -- they'll both be getting a sweet treat from Janine!

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a virtual book tour for Janine Ashbless's new release, Heart of Flame, an Arabian Nights fantasy romance from Samhain Publishing. The tour will run from January 2 - 13, 2012 and Janine is available for guest posts and interviews. Additionally, a PDF copy of Heart of Flame will be available soon for review in conjunction with a post or interview.

Janine will be giving away a PDF copy of her previous fantasy/erotic romance novella, "The King's Viper" to one randomly drawn commenter and a special sweet treat to the tour host with the most comments.

And on the One-Thousand-and-Second night, Scheherazade told this story…

By day, Taqla uses her forbidden sorcery to move freely about the city of Damascus in the guise of an old sage. Her true identity known only by her faithful servant woman, Taqla is content with the comfortable, if restrictive, life that keeps her safe from the control of any man. Until she lays eyes on a handsome merchant-traveler. Suddenly her magical disguise doesn’t rest so easily on her shoulders.

When long-time widower, Rafiq, hears that the Amir’s beautiful daughter has been kidnapped by a scheming djinni—and that she will be given in marriage to her rescuer—he seeks the help of “Umar the Wise” to ensure he will be that man. Yet as he and the disguised Taqla set off, he senses that his prickly male companion is hiding something.

In a moment of dire peril, all of Taqla’s secrets are stripped bare—her fears, her sorcery and, worst of all, her love for Rafiq. Yet the princess’s life hangs in the balance, and there is no running away or turning back. Even though passion may yet betray them all...

Warning: Scary monsters and creepy ruins in the desert—check. Pagan gods that demand blood-sacrifices—double check. A handsome hero who looks good in a robe and even better out of it—oh yeah. Check, check and check. That’s worth a heroine dropping a veil or two.

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