Friday, September 24, 2010

Virtual Book Tour: The Brat by Sherry Gloag

EDITED TO ADD: The winners of Sherry's VBT contest--

Tour host with the most comments: D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters

Randomly drawn commenter: Rebecca J. Vickery who commented on A Writer's Life


Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a virtual book tour for Sherry Gloag's debut novel, The Brat, a contemporary romance.

Gina Williams has a secret and prays it is buried with her childhood persecutor, Em Kouvaris, as discovery will ruin her reputation as a famous children’s author. She soon discovers the son, Ben Kouvaris, new owner of her publishing company, has uncovered her past and is making demands. Will he ruin her career if she doesn’t comply?

Ben Kouvaris is blown away by the unknown beauty at his estranged mother's funeral, and when his father demands he marry, immediately, to secure the family business, he knows just who he wants as his temporary bride. But can Ben persuade Gina to trust him?

Sherry is available for guest posts and interviews. She will also be giving away an eBook copy of The Brat to the blog host with the most comments (excluding their own, Sherry's, or duplicates) as well as one randomly drawn commenter.

Interested in hosting Sherry on your blog? Email us and let us know.

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pat said...

I am intrigued and look forward to reading more.

When thinking up new chacters what do you look for in their personalities?

Sherry Gloag said...

Pat, for me, it's more a case of the characters revealing themselves as the story unfolds. Sometimes I have to pull them back because it would take the story way off track, but I do tend to let them run with it to see where they are taking me, and if it works? Well then I heave a sigh of relief and follow their lead. :-)

Sherry Gloag said...

O.K. Pat, the net is eating my answers to you, so I'll try again :-)

My characters tend to reveal themselves as the story progresses. I am sometime quite shocked or amazed but what turns up. :-)
If my characters get out of line I will try to pull them back, but more often than not, they know what they are doing and I'll follow their lead. :-)

Marie McGaha said...

I usually have an idea of who my characters are when I begin a story but the details and nuances come straight from them after I begin writing. I used to say the voices in my head told me what to write but my husband said there's medication for