Tuesday, January 8, 2013

VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR: Editor-Proof Your Writing by Don McNair

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Tour for Editor-Proof Your Writing: 21 Steps to the Clear Prose Publishers and Agents Crave by Don McNair, a self-editing manual available April 1 from Quill Driver Books. The tour will run April 1 - 19, and Don is available for guest post and interviews. A print copy of the book is available for review in conjunction with a guest post or interview.

Don will award one randomly chosen commenter their choice of books from his backlist. The books can be seen at his website.

Most editing manuals are like geography books. They give great information, but don’t show how to get from place to place. Editor-Proof Your Writing: 21 Steps to the Clear Prose Publishers and Agents Crave is a GPS that leads you through the writing jungle to solve your specific writing problems. Most editing manuals are like dictionaries from which you’re asked to select words to write the Great American Novel. This book shows what words to use and what words NOT to use. Most editing manuals are loaded with mind-numbing theory. This one presents knowledge a step at a time and asks you to apply what you learned—a step at a time—to your manuscript’s first chapter. Along the way you’ll also edit a nine-chapter melodrama and check your editing against the author’s. When you finish, you’ll have an editor-proofed first chapter and will be ready to edit the rest of your book. This system was proven to work in three years of weekend and online classes, titled Editor-Proof That Chapter and Twenty-One Steps to Fog-Free Writing. They are parts One and Two of this book. Part Three discusses finding and working with critique partners, professional editors, publishers, and agents. The students loved the concept! This book is perfect for use in classrooms. The information is presented in bite-sized lessons which can be assigned daily. 

4/1/2013 Teena in Toronto
4/2/2013 Rogue's Angels
4/3/2013 See Jane Publish
4/4/2013 Fantasy Powered by Love
4/5/2013 Wake Up Your Wild Side
4/8/2013 Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews
4/9/2013 Jamie Salisbury
4/9/2013 SECOND STOP Sandra Bornstein
4/10/2013 Uttley's Take
4/11/2013 The Write to Read
4/12/2013 TeacherWriter
4/15/2013 Hywela Lyn - Romance That's 'Out Of this World'
4/16/2013 Reader Girls
4/17/2013 http://www.elainepcantrell.blogspot.com
4/18/2013Sharing Links and Wisdom
4/19/2013 Wickedly Wanton Tales


Teena in Toronto said...

I'd like to participate in this blog tour.

I can read hard copy, pdf and epub.

KH LeMoyne said...

I'd like to host for guest post on Apr4th and post a review on Apr6th.


Emily said...

I'd love to host and review on April 18. Oh, and I'd love to do a guest post.

Meester Uttley said...

Pls sign me up for a guest post April 10th

Hywela Lyn said...

Please count me in for a guest post on 15th or 17th. I live in the UK, but if there's a pdf available I could do a review as well.

Christine Young said...

Rogues Angels can host this April 2

Anonymous said...

Hi I can do a review and host on April 11 at The Write to Read.

Anonymous said...

See Jane Publish would love this for April 3 and I'd love to do a review. Thanks!

Suzanne Lilly said...

I'll be happy to do a tour stop on April 12 or 19 on the TeacherWriter.net blog. It will fit right in with my niche. I'll also gladly do a review.

Sandra Bornstein said...

I'd be happy to participate in the Virtual Book Tour for Editor- Proof Your Writing by Don McNair. Let me know if one of the two remaking dates in April are free.

Sandra Bornstein said...

I'm interested in participating in the VBT for Editor-Proof your Writing by Don McNair. Let me know if one of the two remaining dates are available.

Rebecca Graf said...

Let me know if you need anyone else.